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FEMA, Hotels, and Hurricanes

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It’s been a couple months since Hurricane Harvey uprooted my family from Houston, destroyed virtually everything we own, while FEMA temporarily relocated us to Austin.

We were ecstatic when FEMA presented us with free hotel and food vouchers. However, once we read the fine print, our family realized that these food vouchers are only good for breakfast. So, because our family because we are missing work and do not get paid if we do not work, our family wakes up ten minutes before breakfast opens and tries subtly stuff as much food as we possibly can into our pockets, at least enough to last until the next day’s breakfast.

I did not expect for the government to be pay for a room at the Ritz with three gourmet meals a day, but they could at least help us out with lunch.

Also, because we are of family of three with a moody teenage child. We are only allotted one hotel room, which makes sense because there are lots of other, larger sized families in need of an extra room. However, with my family being stuck in a cramped room all day, we are getting very sick of each other very fast.

I guess this is one of those ‘be careful what you wish for’ moments because, as soon as I thought this, we all, the other families and mine, received automated phone calls from FEMA that said that, unless we had a specific type of insurance, we could no longer receive these free government vouchers to stay in these hotels and get free breakfast anymore. There was no notice at all that this was going to happen, let alone that it was even in the realm of possibilities that this could, or even might, happen.

While our family is able to still benefit from these government vouchers, many other families, some that we have really gotten to know well, are unfortunately not.

We did have switch hotels though because, for some unknown and crazy reason, our hotel was no longer on the list of FEMA approved hotels. We were left to call to find our own hotel, which would not have been so bad, except every other family was calling to try and get a new hotel room at the exact same time as us. Also, families, without certain insurance, were calling FEMA to try and get FEMA to change their mind about giving them hotel and/or food vouchers.

At least, we finally got a hotel. It was across town,but at least we got one. And, we did not have a lot of stuff to carry because most of it got flooded back in Houston. That’s me trying to look on the positive side in all of this chaotic mess. For more than our financial troubles, I’ll be looking into suing those responsible for our situation by hiring a reservoir claims attorney based in Houston for emotional problems as well. Enough is enough!

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