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Stop and Smell the Flowers

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I am incredibly interested in gardening, horticulture, and all things green! When Kermit the Frog proclaimed, “it’s not easy being green,” he definitely did not think of how much people like me love green plants and green leaves.

I love gardening because it is physical labor that is as hard as you want it to be; there is no inherent requirement to toil away for hundreds of hours. Simply putting a potted plant into some soil is just as worthy of a gardening project as completely renovating your yard.

But gardening is not without its difficulties. In fact, another reason I love to test out my green thumb is because of the challenges that gardening can present. Some issues that arise in someone’s garden include over or underwatering, fertilization, invasive species, and more.

In this post, I will discuss these issues and more. In addition, I offer common solutions advised to solve the problems:

Invasive Species

Turns out, you are not the only organism that wants to eat the fruits or vegetables you may be growing in your garden. Small, pesky, invasive species can infiltrate your garden and flowerbeds in the span of a few days. Once in your property, the species will snack away on your beautiful homegrown fruits!

And invasive species can infest even in gardens growing inedible (for human consumption) vegetation. Leaves and grasses are a favorite meal of theirs, too, apparently. But you are not stuck with these nuisances forever.

Pesticides are an aggressive step to take to combat the pest, but they are almost always successful in killing off invasive pests. Another option is to undergo a soil transplant, in which you unpack the soil in your flower bed or garden that is full of the invasive bugs, and you re-plant the vegetation in new soil.

This procedure is extensive and labor-intensive, so talking with professional lawn maintenance services like Midwest Lawn may be your best bet in tackling a project of this magnitude.

Watering Your Garden

Watering your garden the proper, appropriate amount is a crucial step to any growth or vegetation in your garden or yard. Unless you have a cactus or another plant that can subsist on a shockingly small amount of water, it is likely you will need some sort of accountability system to remember to feed your plants their most important nutrient: H20.

However, effective gardening is not as simple as watering your property as much as you see fit. Certain plants and vegetations require certain levels of watering. You need to consult the Internet or a horticulturist in your area to understand the local climate’s effects on watering, humidity, shade, and more.

A prevailing theme in this discussion is the need to rely on qualified professionals. While I mentioned that the beauty of gardening is that it is a self-sufficient hobby and that it is only as intensive as you want it to be, the only hang-up or obstacle is this need to rely on others’ niche knowledge. But if you truly want to excel and cultivate a garden as best as it can be, this is only a minor issue.

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